Friday, August 15, 2014

Stone Reservoir

The end of June/first part of July we spent our vacation time camping at Stone Reservoir.  We had the campground from Saturday till Thursday.  Lill and Alicyn came up for the weekend, and Char came over, but on the weekdays, Dirk came with his boys, and Meagan came over with the kids and Ben, and Char and we really enjoyed the boat and the water.  

It was a much needed break from reality.  Things with the new house aren't going quite as well as planned but that is for another post.  Makae is not doing so hot - another post, etc.  Anyway.... it was nice to relax, spend time with family and just be together with no urgent business to attend to.  Jared came with us and was just part of the family.  He has spent most of the summer so far with us.  It has been nice. 

Sylvie in her cool glasses Granny got her.
Getting ready to pull Ethan while boarding.

He's getting up.
He's down.

He's up.
And away he goes.

The dock with the multiple tubes.

All was great till we got home.  I pulled the boat and Shawn the trailer.  I didn't turn wide enough and the boat trailer hit the fence post and knocked it out of alignment and bend a post.  It also scratched up the boat in a place.  I told Shawn I am never pulling the boat again.  If he really wants to go camping over Labor Day, he will have to get it fixed.

Other than that we did have a great time.  I especially love it when the little kids come.  Char had Olin as his sister was just born.  He and Rhone get so excited for the tubes and such.  It is really quite fun to watch them.  Dirks kids has a great time as well.  Ben (Dirk's Ben) loved the tube.  What a nice week.

Baby Ella

I got a brand new grand niece on the 23rd of June.  Sweet Ella.  She is a cutie.  Luckily Meagan was here to see her brother and meet her new niece and the cousins were excited for her.  She isa cutie.  Hope we get to see a lot more of her.
Moments after her birth 
With her Aunt Meagan
Olin likes his new sister!
Char's grandkids!!

Jace's Birthday

The family went camping over fathers day weekend up at my Dad's property i n Samaria.  It was fun, but Jace didn't want to celebrate his birthday up there, so when we got back Sunday night, the 15th, his actual birthday, we celebrated it at Granny's.  He opened most of his gifts that night, he got inline skates as well as a skate board from Ethan as well as many other gifts.  He enjoyed himself.  Here are some of the pictures of him and his tiny cake. I can't believe my baby is so grown up.

Welcome to Utah

It took us two days to get to Utah.  We got away late from Colorado, but we had a lot  of helpers help us with the last load.  We really appreciated all they did for us.  But we didn't get to Rawlings till about 8 and I was so tired and we decided to call it a night and spend it there.  We took off the next day and made it to Utah to Mom and Dad's.  We then went to Susan and Ed's and finally took a bath. Boy did we stink.  While at Mom and Dad's we celebrated Cade's birthday.  It was his birthday on the 1st and that is when we made it to Utah. Gramps had made a cake for his birthday and I had his gifts delivered there and we made sure to make if somewhat nice for him.  He was pretty excited with his gifts.  

On Monday we headed to the storage place and unloaded the truck and then brought the stuff we needed back to Susan's and unpacked there.  At least we have a place to stay for three months.  If was great seeing my family and having all their help.  It was nice to finally get here.   I am really looking forward to being home.

The traveling caravan
Cade's new Fairy tale shirt
His gifts cards. 
His new inline skates.
The valley where our house will be.
My cousin, Lisa, makes the most beautiful flower bouquets. She sent this one to as a welcome home gift.  So pretty! 
I knew I would miss the Sunrises in Colorado, but this was a pretty amazing Sunset on one of our first nights back.
We came back to all of the trees in bloom.  It was so pretty and smelled so nice.