Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sleigh Riding with the Family

Cole came home for a quick visit on the 22nd of January and so we filled it with family events.  On Saturday we headed up to Charlene's  and had a dinner of tacos and then  out to their property up Daniels, and had a great time sleigh riding.  It was a little crazy at times.  Brett brought his snowmobile to take us back up the hill so we didn't have to walk but after riding on it once I decided I would rather walk.  It was a bit crazy.  We all had a great time though.  Afterwards we went back to Char's and we had some hot chocolate and visited.  It was really run.  And Yes we were able to get Mom out of the house and up there.  It took a lot of cajoling and pushing, but we did it.  She does so much better when we get her moving!

Lillie Ann is telling Alicyn to stop being a boob, and get on a tube!
Courtney beating up on her brother.
My weirdos!
Olin is quite the sledding king! 
Char and I taking a minute to rest.
Brett - Love his expression, me, Char and cole.
Olin smiling for me!
Char, Lill and Cole.
Cole and Daranee
Granny and Brock.
This is a rare moment.  It's not even Mother's day or her birthday or Christmas!!!
Alicyn and Cole visiting, Kurtis, Lill and Jessica in the background.
One of the family!

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