Thursday, June 12, 2014

Scuba Classes

One of the gifts we gave to the boys was Scuba lessons.  Shawn really wants to take a trip with the family diving.  So while we were in Utah we arranged for the boys to take a class.  Cade didn't want to and Makae has her own agenda most days.  But the boys really enjoyed the class.  Ethan was pretty natural at it, Jace had a little more difficulty but he did it.   We ended up getting Mauri certified as well.  The family pitched in.  She and Shawn were taking a trip to Cancun next week, so this allowed them dive go together.  There are pictures from their certification dive.
The Homestead Crater

Ethan setting up his gear.

Mauri and Jace setting up their gear

Jace is excited at  least

Ready to jump in

They all passed and now we can go diving as a family!  well at least a partial family.
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