Thursday, June 12, 2014


For Valentines, Shawn sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.  He knows how much I love them.  Then we headed to Utah.  Since Monday is President's day we took a quick trip home.  We had a party at Lill's with the family for all of the birthdays that we missed and just to all be together.  It was nice.  The Willden's are still in quartzite so we didn't  see them.



Courtney showing us her seefood.  She is so elegant!


Olin when we said smile. He let us know today that he was having a sister and not a brother as he had hoped.  He would be nice, but he wasn't sharing his toys with a girl.

Regular Courtney

Lil talking to me.

Gramps, he had us take this for his concealed carry permit.



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