Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shawn's trip to Mexico with Mauri

Shawn and his sister Mauri, took a wonderful trip together to Cancun.  It was kind of a crazy thing.   Mauri and her husband are getting a divorce.  This was trip they had planned for their Anniversary.  But now it was a no go and Mauri was really bummed.  Place paid for and ticket and her first trip out of the country.  So Shawn decided why should she not go and volunteered (So kind and sacrificing of him - lol) to go with her.  She thought that was great.  The funny thing is he almost didn't make it.  They left on the same day and Shawn was supposed to meet her at the airport in Cancun, but the government wouldn't accept his bent passport and sent him back to the US.  Mauri arrived and was all alone not knowing whether Shawn would make it or not.  He spent a whole day in San Francisco at the passport office trying to get a new one in a day.  Finally managed to get one and then was flown back to Cancun, and this time they let him in.  So only two days late.  The rest of the trip was a great success.  I don't know the name of these places, but Shawn can put them in and identify them.  They are beautiful shots though.  And it was a great bonding trip for him and his sister!

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