Monday, January 25, 2016

Fixing dolls

This past Christmas my mother decided to start giving away her doll collections.  Each of us girls got a doll that meant a lot to her  or one that my grandmother made.    They really mean alot to each of us as well.    Since she has had them for a long time most of them are dirty and dusty.  When I got mine I decided it needed a good cleaning, so I unpicked the back of the dress and then took the clothes off and hand washed them.  Then I cleaned up the doll with a washcloth and sewed up any of the places that the Muslin was wearing out.  I put snaps on all of the clothing so that they could easily be cleaned in the future if needed.  When I am done the doll looks so good and almost new.  When Lill saw mine she asked me to do hers so I did.  It was amazing.  Her doll actually had light green lace on it, but had faded to a yellow, so I  took one of my Copic markers and used water and recolored the lace and it looks really nice.  Then I saw Charlene's so I did hers as well.  Her's is in lavendar.  They all look so good now.  I should have taken pictures of the others but I didn't.  Mine is below.

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