Friday, January 22, 2016

Little Winter Time Fun

Shawn and Ethan both bought passes to Snow Basin this year, and for Christmas Ethan got a snowboard.    During break and also a few weekends they have been taking off to go snowboarding.  Shawn had really been enjoying it.  He goes most days in the morning for about an hour.  He enjoys it and gets some exercise each day from it.  He thinks it is way worth his money.  That and his Ingress playing are keeping him pretty active.  But we won't get into Ingress, because it bugs me!!

A lot of times there is even an inversion here in the Morgan Valley.  You don't notice it much, but when he gets up on top of the mountain you can see the clouds covering the valley almost like and ocean.  You can really see it the pictures below of up on the mountain and out our back door.

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