Friday, January 22, 2016

New Year's Eve 2016

We decided to spend the day together as a family, which was fun.  We got up and all went to breakfast at IHOP.  I'm sure the waitress was ready to get rid of us after the  4th refill of Hot Chocolate around the table.  We took Courtney Hammond with us.

Afterwards we decided to go ride the train in the Mall where Makae works.  She was fun and had a good time taking us around.  She said she wasn't going to be able to come up to Granny's tonight.  That was really too bad, but we had her for Christmas so I was okay with it.

We all came home and watched a movie.  The boys got some for Christmas and we had a hard time choosing, but we finally settled on Ant Man.  We really enjoyed it together.  Then we got things ready to go to Mom's and headed over.  Actually I went over first and then later everyone followed.  Alicyn came with Kaleigh.  Anthony was staying with his dad, and Jared was with his state proctor group.  Lill came with her and Courtney.  Daranee didn't come.  Kurtis and Jess showed up late.

Ethan came and then left and then, came and then left.  He spent the night hoping from one party to another.  We had great food like always, visited, played games, talked.  About 10:30 I was tired so I let off fireworks and then I went up and got ready for bed.  The rest stayed up.  At midnight they came and sprayed us all with silly string.  Then Shawn headed home, he doesn't like Mom's beds.  I slept okay.

On New Year's day we got up and had a good breakfast.  Cleaned up a lot of the house.  Had a good time with Mom and then headed home.  THe kids and us watched another movie, The Winter Soldier, and then following When Marnie was there.  It was a fun little holiday and it is nice that the kids still have a few days left of Christmas break before they have to head back to school.

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