Friday, March 6, 2015

Favorite things I was given.

Each year I am more than spoiled with the things that people give to me.  Some of the items I get I just like, but some of them have a lot of sentimental value.  Those ones are my favorites.  This year I got  a few of those.

Mom gave me this jewelry set that I have desired for a long time. It is stunning and made very well.
Mom also gave me this set.  It was hers.  I remember her wearing it when I was a little girl.  It is molten glass beads with crystals in an art deco style.  I really do like them.  I was so jealous a couple of years ago when she gave a necklace to Charlene that I loved, but now I have one to cherish as well.
movies and books I have wanted.

Gift cards, a spa certificate (another one) and season tickets to plays so Shawn can go with me, or one of my kids.

More movies I wanted.

Ethan got me this sleigh to go with the Reindeer he gave me last year.  I am so excited for it.
Princess Eugenie Doll.  My Aunt gave this doll to my dad a couple of months ago, and I have admired it the whole time.  My Mom has one that she had  on display for some years.  My grandma made both of them.  Mom got hers the first Christmas after she married dad.  She has always loved it.  I have really cherished my dolls, especially since my other ones got stolen.  And to have a new one that my grandma made is simply wonderful.  And she is so beautiful.  I was so excited when he gave it to me that I was in tears.  When Lillie Ann came down with Mom's old one I was so excited for her as well.  What a wonderful gift for us.
The rose detail and beading in her hair.

One of the other most special gifts this year wasn't even given to me.  It was given to Jace.  Grandma Wanda cross stitched this stocking for Grandpa Merritt some time ago.  He has used it each year.  As you know he passed away this year.  Because Jace has Grandpa's middle name, Susan took his stocking and painstakingly Stitched his name on top of the Merritt.  She presented this to Jace on Christmas Eve with a lovely note about how he shares his name with a great man.  He was really touched and I was really touched.  He was a great man, and Jace is so lucky he got to know him.  I hope when he uses this stocking he always remembers what a wonderful person his great grandpa was.  

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