Friday, March 6, 2015

Christmas Village

Out annual Trip to Christmas Village was on the 23rd.  It was fun.  Cole came in earlier that day and we all met and then went to Lill's for Lasagna.  I made some for everyone and then we enjoyed it!!  We always have such a good time with the family, being together, enjoying the lights, having fun. It was really fun this year because I finally got to see Ella again.  She came with Brock, and we had a wonderful time with her.

Ethan and Kaleigh
Earlier in the day Alicyn came up and we made Christmas cookies.  Everyone enjoyed them.
Brock with Olin and Ella.
Olin with Gramps
Olin wasn't pleased when we  said he couldn't see Santa.  The line was forever long!!
Jace being a soldier
Brock with Ella.  She enjoyed everything inside his coat.
Of course the three musketeers are as always together.
Blurry, but a picture of the lights.
Ella had a great time with wrapping paper.  Much more so than the gift.
Happy one of Brock.
Daranee enjoyed it too.
Cade listening to the chatting.
Courtney (Ethan's girlfriend) pulling a face at Kaleigh.
Cole listening to a story.
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