Friday, March 6, 2015


We had a really nice Thanksgiving, in spite of Grandpa's death and Makae's accident.  All of Shawn's family that was in town, and my family as well got together at my house and we had dinner here.  It was a bit crowded at times, but we had room for all of them.  I think we decided it was 39 or 40 people.  Everyone brought something to share.  We visited, the kids played and we just enjoyed sharing memories and being together.  We had lots to be grateful for.  We are blessed.

Jace was pretty excited because Caleb spent the night and had a good time playing with Jace.  I was happy for Jace, he doesn't get a cousin to be with very often.

Caleb in our back yard.
Gramps and Kurtis
Dirk, his boys, Susan, Ed and Caleb is running.

Kurtis and Alicyn
Everyone getting dinner.
Courtney and I
Brett and Charlene
Morgan, Ella, and Rhone enjoying the day.
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