Friday, March 6, 2015

Joy of the Season

One of the best things about Christmas is doing things for others.  This year it was truly joyous.  I made an effort this year to send/give/make things that I felt people would truly appreciate.  It made making things fun.  Even candy making wasn't a chore because I was happy to make it.  The whole season seemed to be filled with a bit more of the spirit.  I truly truly enjoyed making and giving this year.  These are a few of the things I made for people this year.  There were more but I sent them off before I took pictures.  

For Sheree.  I felt it would go in he washroom really really well.
For Charlene
For Susan.
For Charlene
For Mom.
For Ann
Rhone had his birthday in December.  I made this card for him.  He really really liked it.  It is so fun to surprise kids.
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