Friday, March 6, 2015

Grandpa's funeral

This was such a beautiful two days.  A real celebration of a wonderful mans life.  On Sunday we had the viewing.  Quite a few people came.  Grandpa was really loved. It was at the mortuary.  Shawn had made the video of Grandpa and he did such a nice job.  The funeral was on Monday.  We got there early even after picking up Makae.  She came and I was glad.  She was pretty bruised up still.  Again the Viewing was nice with a lot of people coming.  The funeral was great.  I think everyone was of the same mind.  No one was overly sad because this wasn't about losing grandpa but celebrating the life he lived.  And everyone knew he was ready to go and we were all so happy for him to be able to return to Heavenly Father and be with his family members there again.  What a joyful time.  Shawn talked, Tonya talked, uncle Kelly talked.  Teresa sang, Ethan and I sang.  Everyone had such wonderful memories to share, and great things to say about him.  No one had anything negative to say.  In all reality although most of us have two sides, and I am sure grandpa did, I don't think to many people ever saw it.  He was always so cheerful and happy, and even when he was down he would look on the bright side of life.  I am really really going to miss this man.  I am happy for him though.  On the way out the silver beavers had a salute line for him.  It was so nice, and at the cemetery they had a military person play taps and present a flag to Susan.  It was very touching.  The  dinner afterwards was nice, and it was good to visit with the whole family and remember Grandpa.

Uncle Bruce
Uncle Kelly
Aunt Terrie
Mazie, Meranda, Aunt Bobette, Brandi and Tonya
Taylie and me
Ethan, Cade, Alicyn and Jace
Me, Kecia and Shawn
Katy Jo
Grandpa's flowers
Melinda and Alex
Silver Beaver  salute
Carrying the casket
Folding the flag to present.  Makae is behind them.
Susan Receiving the flag.
Kelly with Hudson.
The flowers we made for Grandpa.  We tried to put in things that were all about grandpa.  It is on a ski because he loved water skiing so much.  It has a train in it because he worked for the railroad for years, and in the military and loved them.  It has a tomatoes in it because he loved to garden and was always so proud of his peas and tomatoes.  It has a scout  badge in it because he was so active in scouting.  He was a silver beaver.  It has a picture of his grandkids in it because he was always so concerned about family. It had a snowmobile in it because he loved going snowmobiling with Wanda.  It had a fishing pole in it because he loved to fish.  If he wasn't boating he was fishing.    
It was a beautiful service for a beautiful man.  Love you Grandpa.
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