Sunday, July 20, 2014

Colorful Colorado - day 4 Durango/ steam train

We got tickets to ride the Durango/Silverton train.  It was great.  I think it was my favorite part of the whole trip.  We were in the Night Car so the top was all glass and you could see all around you.  It also came with water, treats, a man that provided information and free bags.  It cost a little extra but it was the way to go.

Ethan, me and Jace outside the train station.

Jace, me and Ethan on the train

A beautiful shot of the train going up the mountain.  We were in one of the back cars so we had a great view of the engine.

This narrow gauge  railway didn't bother me in the least.  Ethan was a little iffy about it.
I loved the scenery, even the drop offs, I wasn't worried about jumping the rails at all.

Blowing out the steam on the river bridge.

Since it was "winter" (spring) the pass wasn't open all the way to Silverton, which was okay.  We stopped in this little grove where we had lunch and had a chance to walk around and enjoy nature.  It was quite nice.

Just to show you how close we were to the mountain.  The other side was a sheer drop off.

Ethan eating a cheeto

The river where we stopped.  

 Later that night after the train we headed out for out next hotel.  We passed Treasure Falls, it also has a nice little hike, and my cousin, Edi, suggested it, but after looking at the trail we decided we could enjoy it's beauty from the bottom.  We travelled a lot of country that looked like this.  Durango was definitely a beautiful little area.  Loved the town and the nature of it.  So much diversity in such a small area.

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