Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ethan's second prom

Ethan went to two proms this year.  Once to the Mormon Prom and once to the Niwot High Prom.  Crystal asked him to take her, and he had a blast on this date.  They are only friend's and I think that made all the difference.  Crystal is Kristina's sister, who was Cade's old girlfriend.  Even though they broke up, Ethan and Crystal remained friends.  This is one of the few occasions I allowed Ethan to stay out late.  Crystal is a good girl and I wasn't worried about anything happening so he went to dinner, prom and then after prom with her.  I don't think he got home till 4 AM.

Giving Crystal her flower.  She gets embarrassed easily. 
Pinning Ethan's flower on.
Apparently it was hard to do. ;)
Crystal and Ethan
Making funny faces, because that is what Ethan does.
More funny faces.
And more!
Crystal, Ethan and Brendall ( Brendall and Kristina came along for moral support to begin with)
Kristina, Ethan and Crystal.
Her pretty Corsage

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