Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mother's Day/ Ethan's final concert

After April we were in pretty much full packing mode as we are moving at the end of the month.  However along the way we celebrated mother's day sort of.  Shawn let me buy flowers, so I did.  they were for me but they also went a long way to making the house look really pretty for perspective buyers.  Ethan and Cade made me crepes for breakfast and that was really sweet.  I quite like crepes.  All in all it was a good day.

This is Ethan's last concert at Mead high.  He was sorry to leave, he really doesn't want to move, but he is being good about it.  He has a lot of friends here in Colorado and he  doesn't want to leave them, however I think he will make a bunch of new good friends as well.  Anyway.... he will really miss this band, not only the friends and members but also this teacher.  Mr. Kirkwood was his favorite teacher at the school.  He was an excellent teacher as well.  He took a real interest in the kids. If you notice Ethan is dressed differently.  He couldn't find his black  vest so he wore the one he wanted.  He also isn't with the other Bassoonists.   He told me the wrong time so we arrived late. He missed the first song, but his teacher was great about it, and he just found a seat and started playing.  It's hard to ruffle that kid.  It's a good trait.  The band did a terrific job.

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