Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easter at the Crittenden's

We made it home Thursday night for Easter.  On Friday morning, we decorated Easter Eggs.  Alicyn brought her kids up and we had a good time.  She also made Sugar cookies which was Cade's favorite.  He hadn't been home in over a year so he was really excited to be here and also to have her good sugar cookies.  Sure glad I gave her my recipe and she improved on it and makes them so I don't have too!

Cade, Gramps, and Jared, dying eggs.
Cade showing his beautiful eggs.
Sunday morning was Easter as usual, and we had a small hunt in the house for eggs and baskets.  We had all of my kids with us so it was nice.  We also had a short spiritual thought before so we could remember the real reason we celebrate the whole day.
Jace found some eggs.
Makae found an egg.
Herb and Mom looking spiffy for church!!!!
After church all of the family came up and we had the egg hunt at Granny's and also dinner.  It is so nice to visit and spend time together, and Granny loves it that she gets to see all of her grandkids, great grandkids so excited.  Cole surprised her this year by coming home for Easter.  He doesn't usually do that.  She was so excited.  Us too!

Back row Left to Right- Granny, Cole, Darin, Chad
Middle row - Kaleigh, Courtney, Her friend Asa, Ethan, Makae's friend Randi, and Toni
Front row - Cade, Jared, Jace, Anthony
Cade and Ethan hunting for eggs
Cade, Jared and Ethan.
Chad, Cole and Alicyn
Granny and Gramps counting eggs to see if we found them all.
Lillie Ann, Darin and Brett share a fun moment.

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