Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easter at the Willden's

The Willden's always have an annual Easter Egg hunt/party the day before Easter.  This year was no different.  I guess I should say the Nielson's.  This year it was at Susan's house.  Everyone came and it was a huge hit.  I think the best part besides just visiting with family and the enjoyment for the kids was that all of Grandpa Merritt's kids that are alive were there along with all of his grandchildren.  It was a really neat day for him, and he had a great time.  We got some great picture of the whole event.

Kecia and Makae
Kecia and Hudson
Adrie with Kelly in the background
Chase, Tanner, Amee, Mason, Tonya, Mckay, KatieJo, Skye, Brandi,
Dirk, Mauri, Kecia, Kelly, Shawn-- All of grandpa's grandkids.
Dirk and his boys, Simon, Alex, and Ben
Grandpa Merritt and his hat we got him in Durango
Jamie and Jackson
Jerod, Ethan and Cade (perhaps dancing?)
Taylie and Alex
Shawn, Brayden and Emma
Ethan gathering candy
Amee, Mckay, Mason, Chase, Kelly, Dirk, Alex
Dirk, Alex, Shawn, Tonya, Glenn, Nate, Adrie, Jerod,
Brandi, Me, Jackson, Cade
Kelly and Ethan
Kelly and Ethan, I think Ethan is loosing his pants
Jackson and I
Kelly, Susan, Grandpa, Jeff, Bruce - Grandpa  and his kids.
Caleb enjoying the hottub.
Adrie, Mauri and Jackson

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