Sunday, July 20, 2014

Colorful Colorado Day 5 and 6 - Canon City/Royal Gorge/ Garden of the Gods

On Day 5 we were supposed to go to the Great Sand Dunes, and we did, but it was so stormy that we couldn't even see any of them.  We were going to go Sand Sledding and we were looking forward to it, but a snow storm moved in and so we stopped at the museum but then continued onto Canon (canyon) city.  We stopped for the night and this was the first and last hotel with a hot tub.  The next day we toured the royal gorge by helicopter and by train.

Beautiful canyon and river on our way to Canon City
That night Ethan and I were hungry, not Shawn and Jace so we found a Village Inn and this was what
Ethan ordered.  I didn't think he could put his mouth around it, but I was wrong!!! 
Shawn found a helicopter tour company that was reasonably priced so we all got our first
ride and it was pretty nice.  The boys thought it was great!!

Jace is pretty excited.
Shawn and Jace all set to go.
An eagles view of the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge. We couldn't actually visit the park as there was a huge
 fire last year and almost everything but the bridge got burnt.  So this was the next best thing.
Ethan and I in the helicopter.
 Later in the day we took a train up the gorge and saw it all from the bottom of the canyon.  We were on a 1930's diesel train, in the dinning car.  It was supposed to have a glass top as well, and it sort of did, but sort of didn't.  It was nice, and the food was excellent, but I still enjoyed Durango's better.
A view of the bridge from the train.
Shawn and Jace on the train
A selfie of Ethan and I
A view of the gorge
This was one of the coolest things in the gorge.  There is no easy way into the gorge and yet someone and sometime has built this house along the river, and this was about the only spot that was wide enough for a house.  It has to have been a terrible place to get into and out of, but I guess you had a ready water source which would have been important.

On our way back home we decided to stop off at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs since we didn't make it last time we were down.  I am so glad we did.  It was spectacular.  Just a little park, but it was stunning, and free.

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