Sunday, July 20, 2014

Goodbye to our Colorado house

Before we knew we were moving back to Utah, I had planted a bunch of bulbs in my yard.  the people who owned the house before us were really into the ornamental grasses.  Although I liked a few of them, there were way to many for me.  I finally got a lot of them gone and planted some bulbs, and flowering bushes.  Everyone knows that I am a flower fanatic.  We finally got our yard just the way I wanted it and then of course it was time to sell, but at least it looked nice for the viewings.  Here are some of the flowers I will miss, the yard, and some of the sites I will miss from Colorado! Now when I move to Utah I will have to start over.

Long's peak.  I will miss this view.  Even if it is distant.
I will really miss the Colorado sunrises!
Out fireplace.
Our kitchen
Our garden beds
The Backyard

Beautiful Columbine

Gorgeous irises


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