Tuesday, February 10, 2015

4th of July

As always we had the 4th of July parade in Kaysville.  It was fun as always.  We did miss Jamie. Wish she felt like she could come out to the parade more.  She did come later though, and that was good.  Kelly brought the twins and they were a hoot.  Of course Kecia's girls were there too and together with Dirk's kids the kids got me pretty good.  The parade was only so so.  But the water fight afterwards is a blast.  I even participated this year.  I usually don't.  I usually hold the kids, but this year there was no baby to hold.  The kids thought that was great - and Kelly drenched me with a garbage can.  He is in for it next year.  Then of course everyone came back to Susan and Ed's and we had a picnic and the kids swam and had a blast.  We did some fireworks, and Kecia ended up staying late.  We watched the fireworks that Layton put on... The kids (older boys) went somewhere with dates.  Kecia, Emma, Leah, Susan and I sat in the parking lot of the church across the street and watched the fireworks.  The kids loved them.  Leah was such a sweetheart.  She snuggled all night with me.   It was a great day.  We had the cookout at Mom's on the 3rd as always and it was good too, but I didn't get any pictures of that.  Shawn hasn't been as good at taking pictures lately, and I forget, so I need to be better at that!!
Olin Enjoying the fireworks
Kelly and Brayden enjoying the parade.
Taylie, she was so cite this day.  She had a blast squirting me over and over.
Emma, got pretty excited about it too.
Adrie, enjoying the parade.
Josh getting his gun ready
Brayden filling his gun.
Dirk ha some pretty serious power there.
Susan always gets involved and the kids love it that their grandma is so fun.
People on the side of the road quirting the  floats.
Leah all wet from the battle.
Leah and Glenn.
Me sopping wet.
Mauri quirting everyone.
Ed getting his gun ready.
Ed, one of the main combatants.
After I was sopping wet,  someone kept getting me wetter.
Brayden  had a blast squirting everyone.
The water trucks getting us all.
Ragnar, Mauri's boyfriend, also got into the  swing of things.
Ben takes after his dad  -- attacking well.
Olin and Rhone riding in the kiddies parade in Malad.
Sylvie being pulled in her decorated wagon in the parade.
Taylie has a blast squirting me especially.  She would sneak up and then hide!!
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