Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Goodbye Kecia

So toward the end of August we had a goodbye party for Kecia and her family.  They really are leaving us for Washington.  I feel so bad.  I really love this girl, and her girls, okay and her husband too.  Just when we move back, she moves away. We keep hoping she will hate the weather and want to move back soon, but she assures us she loves where she is going and can't wait to be there and all the new opportunities.  We hope she will really enjoy it, but a part of us hopes she doesn't as well.  How selfish is that.  I love having her around for family parties, and just to visit and be with her kids.  We will miss her so much, I'm not sure she knows how much.  Anyway.... Down her apartment she had a party for everyone and we celebrated Leah and Hudson's birthday.  It was nice being all together.  

The princess Leah.
Another with her toy.
Princess Kecia.
The family  being family.  Kecia will miss this part of it.

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