Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lunch with old friends.

The end of July I got to go to lunch with some old friends.  Marcy and Catie Blackwelder.  Marcy was one of the first people to befriend me when we moved to South Weber.  She was a science teacher just like me.  We were visiting teaching companions, and also in the young women's together. Her kids were just the right age to babysit mine.  I really loved having her around.  Then they split wards and I didn't see her as much, though we still kept in touch.  Her daughter Catie babysat a lot for me.  My kids absolutely loved her.  We stayed in touch through the years as well.  Then they moved to New Mexico, and then Florida, and then I moved to Colorado.  Then they moved back to New Mexico, and I moved back to Utah.  They have a lot of family here in Utah including two of Marcy's kids so they are back here often.  This last time I got to meet up with them.  We met at Cafe Rio and had a wonderful lunch.  Catie has turned into a lovely young woman.  She has had some tough years. She has Borderline Personality Disorder, just as Makae does.  She is to a point now where she is finally pulling it all together making something of her life.  Her mom has been there through it all with her, and has helped her and supported her.  We talked about old times, and also how Makae is traveling a similar road to what Catie did.  Of course her decisions are different but the same patterns of behavior have driven them.  It was like they had never moved away.

I love that when you meet old friends, it's like the years slip away and you feel at home with them again.  We are so blessed to have those types of relationships in our lives. Catie took a picture of the three of us that day, but I can't find it anywhere and she hasn't sent it to me, so I stole one from their facebook page.  After all you already know what I look like.

Catie and Marcy Blackwelder.

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