Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Camping in Samaria

Back track a little.  In June over Father's day we went camping up at Dad's property in Samaria.    Everyone that was home was able to come and we celebrated Jace's birthday, Courtney's Birthday, and Father's day.  Everyone had a great time.  It is so nice to spend so much of the summer with the family.  I really do love it.  Having dad's property there makes it nice and easy, and always someplace we can go with no one else around.  And it is close enough to Char's that Mom can come and stay at her house.  

Ethan and Courtney gave Jace a proper birthday surprise!!

Everyone kind of got it.
Jace got Courtney back, but only a little.
Ethan gave Jace his old Long board.  He used for a bit too.
Of course one of his favorite shirts!
He got a  tablet from Shawn and I
Darin, Jerod and Ethan in the Dorky hat!

Chad always loves camping

First time Cade went with us in a long time.  It helps that we are back in Utah
Had some supplies in the trailer and the kids had a blast with them.
She didn't want to get burnt.
Olin and Brock.  Before Sylvie was born.
Someone brought a hoola hoop.  Sylvie really did try over and over to get it to work.  Amazing how they just sort of know what to do.  Then we all got in on the action.
Anthony and Meagan playing ball.
Okay Meagan could sort of do it.
Nope couldn't do it though I tried!
Didn't feel to bad, Charlene couldn't either, though she looks like it.
Lill wasn't successful either.
Nor Daranee.
Nor Ethan
Nor Alicyn
Nor Ben.
Anthony was a pro at it.  Over and over and over!
This little girl is such a cute little princess.  She has quite the personality, and we all love her.  
Anthony was playing ball.  But I love the scenery as well.
Charlene and Sylvie

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