Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Almost Camping in Monte Cristo

In the middle of August we went up to Monte Cristo with Shawn's side of the family.  We didn't actually camp as we didn't know everyone was going and already had other plans, but we did go up to be with them twice.  Once on a Saturday and spent most of the day with them, and then again on the following Monday.  Susan had Mauri's kids, and Kecia's.  Dirk was there with his.  The boys had a great time playing together.  One of the best things about this trip was that Jace and Caleb got to spend some time together.  Jace has never really been close to any of his cousins, even though Mauri's twins are only a year younger.  They always had each other and didn't have much to do with Jace.  But as they have gotten older  the twins have different tastes.  Caleb is a lot more like Jace in likes and Josh is more of a geek.  Caleb and Jace got along great and did a lot together.  He even wanted Jace to spend the night with him.  Of course we had other plans so he didn't.  Anyway....It was fun.  The first time was just us and the kids.  Leah celebrated her birthday while there and she was so cute.  She wanted Pixie dust, and sparkly nails.  That little girl has stolen my heart.  Kecia let everyone know a little while ago that they were moving to Washington, and I really a going to miss them.  The second time we came up Mauri and Ragnar were there .  It was fun to spend time withShawn's family.  Kecia and Glenn didn't make it as he was sick, and Kelly and Jamie were down south.

Ed, Cade and Shawn relaxing.
The boys being nuts.  Josh is in the background.
boys being boys.
Emma and Leah with Jerod photo bombing.
One of Leah's gifts.
Josh helping Leah with her sparkly nails.
Grandma giving Leah her gifts.
my boys, yep Jerod is one of them.
my boys as they normally are.
Leah eating a treat.
Emma posing for Shawn, don't you love the toothless smile.
Me enjoying some corn of the cob.

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