Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ethan's homecoming

Ethan had his homecoming in September.  He volunteered for extra credit to be part of the drill team for the powder puff game.  I got some pictures but they were far away  He and all the boys did a  great job.  He is the one in the red shorts (superman shorts) and white tights.  I was pretty impressed.  Everyone was laughing and it was quite the dance.  The next night was the dance and he took a german exchange student named Tamara Prieb.  I think they had a great time.  They had a limo rented, and went to the Timber Mine to eat, and then back to the dance.  He got home late and said he really enjoyed it.  I think she did too.  So much fun to have him really enjoy his teenage years.

Ethan is in the red shorts.

The drill team and their choreographer. Tasha Romero.
Lisa made the corsage and it was gorgeous.  She really does a fantastic job.
Ethan putting the corsage on Tamara.
Tamara trying to put Ethan's boutonnière on him.
The lady is Leslie Christiansen Heywood.  I went to school with her, and when we were young, we were really good friends, not so much in high school.  Tamara is living with them.

Ethan and Tamara.

His whole group in the Limo.  You can't see him and his date real well, but if you look in the mirror on the top of the car you can!!

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