Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blessed Peace

Nov 25th - My dear sweet grandpa Merritt passed away this morning.  It is so hard and yet so wonderful.  He has wanted to go for so long.  I will miss him terrible.  I have been so blessed to have him as a grandpa for 24 years. He has been so good to me.  He is happy though.  He is with Grandma Wanda, and Merrilee and Jill and all of his brothers and parents.  What a wonderful reunion he is having.  Oh I am so grateful for that knowledge. We all saw him on Wednesday of last week, well all of the boys and I, Shawn was out of town.  He loved seeing the boys.  I saw him of Friday.  He told me that day he wasn't getting better.  I told him it would be okay if he went.  But he said he was scared of that as well.  He didn't feel good.  We should have visited on Sunday but we had tithing settlement and then... poor excuses.  I made plans to see him today.  I have loved seeing him this past few months so regularly.  We have gone multiple times per week and sometimes every night.  I will always cherish the times I had to be with him.  He blessed my life so much.

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