Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our new hosue

No pictures yet, but..... We decided since the boys were going to Morgan for school, and we didn't want to drive up the canyon each day, and living with Mom and Dad wasn't a good option, we decided to rent a house.  We started looking at little apartments, or large actually, but small for our family.  We found one, but didn't get it, so then we started looking at houses.  We looked at two and decided to get the one.  So we moved in on the same day Kecia moved out of state.  My family was good to help us get the stuff from Susan's and then the stuff from the storage shed, and finally all the stuff from Dad's shed.  It was a long process.  About two months.  All of our stuff doesn't fit in the house, but it is pretty nice and we enjoy it.  And it is good to be in a home of our own again, even if we are just renting.  We are still going to Mom's ward even though we are right next to the enterprise ward because we still plan on building our house.  The one next door we be more convenient, but I can't  really complain, after all Mom's is only 5 minutes away, and in Firestone we were about 20.  Anyway the boys each have a room and we are excited and they are loving Morgan for school.  I think all in all it was a good change for us.  Oh yeah.... We are living in Enterprise Utah, which is actually part of Morgan county, and just across the valley from Mom and Dad.
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