Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crittenden Family Reunion.

We were in charge of the reunion this year, so we had it a little early.  It always seems to fall on the same day as the Donaldson's have their's or the Morgan County Fair, so we figured this was a good time to do it.  We had it the end of June.  We had it at the Morgan Park, which now has a splash pad for the kids, plus the playground, and it also has a skate park for the older kids.  Julie gave a presentation of Uncle Paul and his growing up years.  It was nice to learn some things we didn't know before.  Of course there was dinner and lots of visiting.  I love that we still get together.  I love my family.

Cindy Crittenden Hancock
Ray Hancock
Whisper Bennett
Aunt Marge
Lillie Ann
Courtney And Kaleigh
Josh Crittenden
Shannon Della Lucia Dearden and her baby
Debbie Donaldson Lienegar
Stacey Croft......
Dave Croft
Johnny Crittenden
Cheryl Crittenden Bennett
Darin Flinn
Aunt Alice
Brock and Olin -- he fell off the skateboard.
Shannon's son
Me and Lisa Crittenden Della Lucia
Shawn Crittenden
Me, don't I look thrilled.
Uncle Carroll
Ethan and Megan Della Lucia
Jace on the splash pad.
One of the Cooper's children
Anthony on the splash pad
 Lisa Crittenden Della Lucia and one of Shannon's kids
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