Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heart Broken

So it is late. Long day, and sleep isn't coming. Got a call from the cops today. They want to interview Jace because Makae made more accusations that  Cade is abusing him. I know no such thing is happening.  There is no truth to this. It is another attempt to hurt us and to especially hurt Cade We have an appointment set up with them on Monday. It will be difficult because my sister's father in law died and the funeral is that day. I am not sure I can go now as I don't know if I can make it up there and make it back in time.

The other allegations are believe it or not being taken seriously. I can't believe they believe it. Yet they want each of my sons and my husband to give them a DNA sample. Cade is worried. He thinks that some way she will be able get him in trouble again. I keep telling him she can't hurt him because truth is on his side, but then I didn't think the cops would take her allegations seriously either. Logically I know that my children are innocent of what she accuses them, and emotionally I know it too. I know that the evidence isn't in her favor, but I've been down this road before and it seems like a lot of times evidence doesn't count, because why would she lie? Only because she has to a million people and a million times because of her BPD. She somehow seems to convince police and judges that she is a victim.

 My heart really is breaking. I love Makae. But I can't allow her to continue to hurt us all and she has really done so this time. I hope she finds a way to fix her life and get the help she needs, Never, ever did I think I would want to have nothing to do with my child. I hope God truly has a purpose for all of this because I sure am having a hard time finding it
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