Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Camping in Samaria again!

Kurtis really wanted to go camping once he got home so we all planned another trip to Dad's property in Samaria.  We went over a weekend again, and since Meagan spent most of the summer with her Mom since she was moving back east, we got to see all the kids again.  Even better was the fact that Brock came with Morgan and their brand new baby Ella.  What a beautiful baby.  First time I've seen her and she is such a beauty.  It was so fun to hold and cuddle her.  Kurtis really enjoyed it and I'm glad.

Dad and Lill relaxing
Charlene and Sylvie

A good one of Herb.
Granny holding her new great grandbaby.

Herb really loves kids.  It's nice when there this age, because they don't mind him.  When they get a little older they don't seem to like him as well.  Then they do again, but he is past it.

Olin and Sylvie were having a blast squirting people.  As long as you didn't squirt them!!
Brett and Morgan
Rhone was really enjoying his "secret" pop.  His Mom doesn't like them to have a lot of candy, but when they come to Nana's house they get treats.  As you imagine that causes problems at times, like kids really eating a lot of candy and getting sick.  Rhone was here this day without Meagan, and so he took the time to have the pop he wanted.
Gramps holding Ella.

Makae's hair.  When we go camping we always have messy hair.  Alicyn is always so good to french braid it for us all.  We probably have better looking hair camping than any other time.

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