Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cops again.

So..... Monday Jace  had his interview with The policeman at the Child's Justice Center. The cop talked to me, and then he talked to Jace. After the interview he came back and said there was no evidence as to Cade abusing him as Makae suggested, so that went no where. Jace was a bit worried as to what would happen. He was worried that he might get taken away, or even more that this would break up his family again. He was pretty upset. He said at one point that he was pretty upset at Makae. She always says she will never hurt him, but he says that she has used him twice now to get even with someone on her personal vendetta. He said he was a pawn and that makes him angry. He told the officer that.

Cade and Ethan were upset about being interviewed as well. Both asked if they would just be asked about what went on at home, or wether they would tell what they thought, or whether they would be interrogated as they have seen on TV. They were both pretty worried about the last. They said if someone grilled them and threatened them, and misconstrued what they said........ Anyway they were pretty worried. I told them I was pretty sure they would not be interrogated as there is not enough evidence to even open a case, but that the officer wants to talk to them just to get a feel for what is going on. He told me when I was with Jace that there are a lot of holes inMakae's story and even more that she misrepresented the facts of what has occurred in the past.

Today Shawn took the rest of Makae's belongings to her. In return he insisted that she give him back the phone he had loaned to her. She told him she didn't have it with her, and that she needed it for jobs and communicating. He told her sorry, not his problem and she couldn't have her stuff till he got his. She went to get it. When she gave it to him, it was crushed. It looks like someone ran over it with a car. She said she dropped it accidentally last Saturday. Then why did she still want it? She did it when she went to get it just to be spiteful.

After he got back I got a call from the probation officer asking for Makae. She hadn't shown up for a drug test. I told him she had moved out and I didn't know where she was or how he could get ahold of her. I did tell him where she usually hung out though. All I can assume is that she is in violation of her parole for not letting her parole officer know her whereabouts and for not showing up for a test, and so she will go to jail.

I feel really badly for her. She is heading for disaster, and this time I can't rescue her or even help her. She will have to do it on her own. Not what I wanted for her, not where I even imagined she would be. If she could only wake-up and see the path she is on, and that it can be fixed, that it can improve and that she still could have a decent life and be happy. I pray that she may find this someday. Soon!
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