Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cade got a job

Cade got a job at J's.  It's the local drive-in.  He wasn't excited to be working in food, but they need people during the day as most of their employees are high school students and it works out great for him and it is close so he doesn't have to drive forever to get to work.  His boss is great and Cade has decided he actually likes it.  They have completely remodeled the place.  It was originally Jay's when I first moved to Morgan and then he left it to his daughter Stephanie Nance, and it became Steph's. Someone bought it from her and eventually Blain Smith bought it.  And they named it J's in a tip of the hat to the original owners.  I think it will work well for Cade and I am excited that he took the initiative to find a job on his own.

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