Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Uintas with Cole

During the same time that The Willden's were camping in Monte Cristo, Cole came home for a visit. Originally we planned on going camping in the Uintas, but then Lill was going on vacation with her family now that Kurtis was home, Mom and Dad had some plans, and Cole needed to be here certain days, so instead we took a day and went hiking up Christmas Meadows.  It was just Cole and my family minus Makae.  We had some issues with Makae that I will post about later.  The day was gorgeous and we had a wonderful time.  The boys all got along, and we really enjoyed the hike.  It wasn't too hard, but just long enough and not a steep incline, up to how far we went in.  We enjoyed looking at the flowers and the trees and the beautiful little meadows in the area.  Cole had a good time to I think.  We got some sandwiches at Subway and enjoyed visiting, and of course the boys driving him nuts.  Then we went to Provo River falls and as always took tons of pictures there.  It is such a pretty spot.  We went down Kamas way and stopped at a Drive in for dinner.  It was a really nice day and I loved being in Nature.  We had a good time.  I love when Cole comes home.   I wish he lived closer.    He only stayed for about a week, so it was a quick trip in an out, but a good one anyway.

Hiking up the trail
One of the Meadows

Another Meadow
Cole on the trail.
My silly boys.

At the falls

The falls.
Cooling off.
Playing with the settings on my camera.  Turned out good I think.
Another shot with different options.
The beautiful clouds.

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